The Family Secret:Reloaded


I am the creator of the game The Family Secret: Reloaded

I always wanted to make games that would immerse people in fantasy. I really love old-school quests, atmospheric music, video design and 3D art.

FullHD+ Renders

Excellent picture quality.


Beautiful music decoration.


Powered by Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine.


Animation sex scene.

The Family Secret: Reloaded

Moving means troubles, worries and lots of wasted money and nerves. But not with my Mary. When my father passed away, Mary got control of the business. I don’t really know what she does… The only thing I know is that we have a lot of money and right now we are flying on the private plane to our new quarters.

  • The Secret: Reloaded is a visual novel with an amazing visual component.
  • Get yourself into the character of a young guy who is eager to have new dates and adventures.
  • The Secret: Reloaded is the reimagining of the original with the addition of new mechanics and a colorful render!
  • Beautiful image – each frame has been rendered in FullHD+ resolution. The color of each frame has been corrected manually.
  • Wonderful soundtrack – you can wear headphones and enjoy the playlist which has been chosen for each scene manually.
  • More than 2000 high quality pictures.
  • Image Gallery